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FAQs about Local Household Moving in Marion, IA

For many years, the Professional Moving Guys have been helping the community with local household moving in Marion, IA. Based on our experience, here is a list of compiled FAQs and tips that can help alleviate the craziness of the moving process.


1. How Long Before My Move Should I Start to Prepare?

Ideally, you should begin to pack and make arrangements six weeks before the moving date. Making a checklist is exceptionally efficient for keeping track of all your items during the process.


2. Do My Appliances Require Special Servicing?

You may need to make arrangements with the moving company to ensure everything is properly protected and packaged for transport.


3. How does the driver keep track of my goods? What is an inventory?

Make sure to talk to the moving company and ask if they take inventory of the items they're transporting. This is why labeling and categorizing your items is recommended.


4. How Much Does Moving Service Cost?

All moving companies have different charging policies; whether it's by distance, time, or weight, you can always give us a call for a free quote.


5. How Can I Keep My Moving Costs In Line?

The best way to save money when you move is to try to pack as lightly as possible. Consider putting on a garage sale to get rid of things you never use.

As a leading household moving service company, we can attest to the benefits of preparation and planning. Contact us today for a free quote and with any inquiries you may have about our services.